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Robin Li Baidu executives leave: "make money the most important"

Baidu CTO and COO Ye Peng Li at the same time a man is gone. Together one after another before the departure of a number of CTO and co-founder and COO, Robin Li's senior management team maintains the industry's fastest "metabolism" frequency. Some industry comment, Robin (Robin Li) students need to reflect the introduction of mechanisms for executives, but the water does not put out a fire far away.

The so-called fire, is the legendary period of time to Baidu conducted high-level debate: Baidu is to continue to focus on search, or the forces as soon as possible to make money grow. If the former, we must continue to look at "Global Chinese information integration," the goals to Google as the reference for example, the beginning of last year, Lee and a man airborne re-do the main force pushing the Aladdin program input. If the latter, we should scrap Robin I "do not play, do not do text messaging, do not do pop-up ads, in order to search out the" thesis that the early years of what King would do the most money, whether it is games, SMS, or pop-up ads.

Robin heard the debate was the final word: make money the most important. Baidu was a gang of high-level departure, they feel no sense to make money, like Google so proud of it worthy of their youth to explore. Leaving more than CXO this level, but also follow a number of high-level, the corresponding personnel changes come one after another, such as head of innovation and development VP to replaced by the SVP on the Mr. Xuyang Ren Shen Haoyu.

Then again, a number of ongoing projects have been also been categorically abandoned, such as network with 178 games to reach the cooperation: the construction of Baidu 178 games channel, Baidu to promote and sell advertising, the two sides into. This routine is Baidu as an information integrator that could cover the traditional orientation, and also explored the road before Baidu. But said that new thinking is: Baidu does not make a little money for such pull ads, and to develop and operate their own game, direct big money. Look, Robin really Baidu led "to" the. This pattern on Baidu history and the Internet are a major event.

Why change?

2009 Q3, Baidu income 190 million U.S. dollars, operating profit of nearly 8 million. Internet companies in China generally ranks third, behind Tencent and Shanda. Meanwhile, Baidu also maintain a 40% revenue increase, the hands of a 600 million dollars spare cash. Look on such a luxury family property, but Robin did not meet, or to "transition" to earn more money.

The pressure, of course Tencent. Similarly, the 2009 Q3, Tencent income 500 million U.S. dollars, operating profit of 250 million. Baidu respectively 2.6 times and 3 times. Tencent's revenues and profits year on year growth rates of 66% and 107%, much higher than 40% of Baidu. Cash reserves of 16 billion U.S. dollars, is 2.7 times Baidu. In accordance with this trend continues, the distance between Tencent and Baidu will soon be 5 times or 10 times. At that time, we do not at a magnitude of.

Tencent so to make money, because Tencent is "What to make money on what to do", while Baidu PPC alone has been a core business. Currently 500 million per quarter revenue Tencent, there is advertising, large-scale online games, casual games, virtual goods, wireless 4, in which the largest share of the most profitable of the game, while the game is all business lines in the Internet market, the largest and most profit thick, is still uncertain country from the clouds rushing in a wave. Naturally, Baidu to make money, is the first sprint of the game.

If one said that to make money, no need to fear Tencent Baidu. China Mobile and property developers are also a lot of money, Baidu certainly not afraid of them. The key is not the same: Tencent ways of making money sooner or later to pull Baidu's tell your.

Tencent QQ has a huge user base adhesive, the money strategy is: What business models when ripe, put this model into my user base, and then quickly get income. Such as was previously done imitate Korean trading virtual items, along with fishing for SP to move the money, then follow the portal Sina have to do pull ads, and then was followed by a grand large-scale online games they do. Now we all see clearly, especially B2C e-commerce to be another blowout, and then QQ also begun to do a mall project, QQ users can TenPay set ticket and hotel again. Mantis, cicada, oriole behind.

The question is: When the oriole does not assume Tencent explore a new business model and the cost of the education market, it does not bear the costs of promotion (QQ users to directly promote its new products, market rate is almost 0), and various business sharing the cost of management fees, etc., then it does every business have a larger profit margin, together have much higher profit margins. The result: there are 500 million U.S. dollars Tencent quarter revenue was also ranked second oldest grand about 200 million, as profits, more than one order of magnitude of. Tencent profit so big, really want to thank those who have labored hard for the industry pioneer in innovative front costs.

Next, when for every business in the direct rivals, Tencent you can at a given time with other businesses to subsidize the profits of a business, "consumption" off the main opponents of this business profits, and then compressing it into force gradually weaken his opponents to become the oldest segments. Such as portal advertising, profit margins have always been very thin, Tencent can use their profits to subsidize the game portal business, and gradually catch up, Sohu is now very close to her second child, and is expected to replace the boss Sina in 3 years. Such as online payment tool, grab the market has been in a burn phase, Tencent TenPay off top-Q on 9 currency through a "forced blood transfusion" approach to growing their own, eating out Alipay market share. With say, Tencent is the online games industry boss has said to the NetEase QQ mailbox almost winning, market share first.

So we understand the seemingly strange behavior Ma: Taobao earnings if higher than a certain limit, executives on the guilty, rather than active. Firstly, if you are profitable, and that business models mature, they will be more fierce Tencent flew into to. Second, if you eyes on profits rather than market share, then just fit the Tencent's routine: I use the profits of other businesses to "consume" you, I do not want profits to share.

The value of cross-platform

So we also see China's Internet companies one after another cross-border operation, pluralism, what money do, melee, layout. Tracing the source, is Tencent's revenue model indirectly determined, well-developed large extent, Mr. Ma is the development of China's Internet rules of competition and people. The problem is, Tencent's revenue model also decided in its business model, that is, a piece of unbreakable QQ users can continue to import business model. Revenue model can imitate, but only this one business model.

But many industry found: Tencent's business model even if not, they must imitate their revenue models as soon as possible, only the volume is large enough, have staying power, like Tencent is also only "on consumption" of capital, to buy time to find a breakthrough or waiting for a miracle. I am afraid to be a lot of people regret the Internet: mixed the rivers and lakes, the most important forces, rather than innovation. Possible, this is Baidu executives who leave the pain, the pain is Google fans.

Now learn more than Tencent, Baidu, which has become the mainstream of basic. Example, boasts the second largest client installed capacity (after QQ) of the Thunder, on this road bolted and ran, first to sell advertising, is a joint operation after the game, to open stores, their R & D game, continually proven for the mature business model to their customer base in grafting. But after all the point: this study, only the shape and not bore a striking resemblance. Large user base adhesive, unbreakable, is God.

Now, Baidu, and Thunder are the lack of "God." Day that users no longer need to download movies to the local, and direct online reading, the value of also backing off the Thunder. With the first day that search engine technology revolution, or the proportion of social search general information gradually over the search, thus shrinking the value of Baidu. They do not have a network, in this line, the user simply does not run out.

Worth is, Ali and the grand two groups appeared to be a bit of "God" has. This God is not a network among people, but the network between the different business lines.

Alibaba, Taobao, Alipay, Ali, software, Ali Mama, word of mouth, that is nested within each network up and whom Ma has also painstakingly concocted C2B2B2S concept. You run away with me a business is easy, but with my 5 hard to run away business and you feel a business with me, "pass", but with my five interrelated businesses will feel "cool." Now Ali to weave a larger network, such as shopping and television stations to do with platforms and shopping programs, and the media do with the magazine. More and more business lines to share information flow, several multiplexing, not only cost-sharing, to improve the overall ability to resist risks.

Shanda, Hurray, flourishing film industry, from Chinese, is also nested within each other up in the net. Prosperity can be a starting point for creative films and Chinese music with friends, Golden Age of film can be cool channels 6 and China on the promotion of the Friends, the Friends of China to the Golden Age of music can also be a grand game film and composer, the director of Prosperity Shanda's game plan for. When the block of interactive resources together and achieve multiple reuse, cost reduction, revenue and profit margins on the great, and copying will be increasingly difficult.

Expect to see more such attempts, expect more strategic level rather than product-level innovation difficult to break the established pattern of development of rules and industry. Baidu and Robin take a good sincere wishes.

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Secret to create components

1. To create component class declaration
class PACKAGE new class name: public ancestor class name
Private data: (1) internal private use (2) release the real data retention properties (3) release event data retention
(1,2,3) private data generally in the constructor initialization, (3) the general initialization of the event associated with the ancestors.
Usually call the ancestor method to facilitate the direct ancestor of the type often with variable preservation: typedef ancestor class name Inherit;
Private methods: internal use only in the class definition, do not want to be successor to use, does not want the public to use. (Try to write generic functions)
Protection of data: it seldom used.
Protection method: virtual function normally. Internal use in the class definition, the object can not be directly invoked, and whether or not control of the public to its derived class
The derived class can redefine the method, and may be open.
Public data: general properties, but not released (ie the design phase can not operate) property is not real data
Private data needed to save the property, operating property through the method. Commonly defined as:
Mode 1: __property AnsiString ItemData = (read = FItemData, write = FItemData, default = "A");
Mode 2: __property AnsiString ItemData = (read = GetItemData, write = SetItemData, default = "A");
FItemData save their data private office, GetItemData (), SetItemData () is the realization of read-write
Function, in addition to its internal data, can also be added to set the appropriate handling code, this part of the deal is an
Of greatest strength. That is achieved by directly modifying properties of both reading and writing of data can achieve the code office
Management, but users are only made sense if the data changes, it is this "side effect" brought about.
Also, if the changes to the property does not need to respond to treatment only with the definition of mode 1 on the line.
Public methods: implementation class package, change the data members of the public functions through. (Method)
Re-defined functions are usually the first call the ancestor class of the method Inherit:: XXX (); (Inherit have stated, XXX table function name),
And then write their own code to make the deal.

Post properties: with the public part of the property, except that the release properties in the design phase can be observed directly through the object to modify.
Published property ancestor class, it is best to confirm this. In passing that the method statement should not be written in the Office
Properties can also be written in public or private, but they are not in the design of access, private property only in
Internal use are not available to users. Writing component should be as much as possible with property, rather than utilizing method. Not only property
Only the work done by the method to complete.

Post event:
1. Ordinary event: the only parameter only TObject * Sender, general use TNotifyEvent (pointer type)
Such as: __property TNotifyEvent nExit = (read = FnExit, write = FnExit);
As with the attributes necessary to save the event private data pointer. TNotifyEvent FnExit;
Another is the event handling code. void __fastcall MynExit (System:: TObject * Sender)
Its implementation in the code from the FnExit (Sender) statement trigger event; (Note that the event handler return value void)
2. Special events:
First: the definition of event types require pointers (similar to the definition of function pointers)
typedef void __fastcall (__closure * TKeyDownEvent) (System:: TObject * Sender,
WORD & Key, TShiftState Shift);
Second: to have the data depository. Private office in a statement: If TKeyDownEvent FnKeyDown;
Re: have the corresponding event handler is generally protected Department statement. As
virtual void __fastcall MynKeyDown (System:: TObject * Sender, WORD & Key,
TShiftState Shift); code often FnKeyDown (Sender, Key, Shift)
Finally: Set connection (need to provide the first three: Event pointer type, data repository variable, the event handler).
__property TKeyDownEvent nKeyDown = (read = FnKeyDown, write = FnKeyDown);


2. Component Inspection and Registration
static inline void ValidCtrCheck (new class name *)
new new class name (NULL);
Ensure that the control statement, there is no pure virtual functions, virtual base class for instance can not be generated.

namespace namespace
void __fastcall PACKAGE Register ()
TComponentClass classes [1] = (__classid (the new class name));
RegisterComponents ("their package name", classes, 0);
/ / Add property editors also note RegisterPropertyEditor (...)
Name space is a C + + features, use this Register () function can distinguish the other controls. This name must conform to specifications,
With the control file name where relevant. If TMyButton in mybutton.cpp in this namespace are Mybutton. With
New Component dialog box to generate new components, without considering the issue.

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Dell's green innovation-up plastic bag recycling to say "no"

May 29 message, in order to meet the June 5 World Environment Day, the arrival of Dell will be May 31 at 10 am to 5 pm in Xiamen Taisho Electronic City, Dell experience the shop door, the June 1 AM 10 am to 2 pm in Xiamen City, Dell, big is e-shop outside the door and experience the e-City Plaza Xiamen bainaohui the theme "Green Innovation Dell Campaign" environmental charity.

In the event, Dell's young volunteers will publicize the cancellation of free plastic bags and Dell recycling program, will answer questions the way the public understand the cancellation of one-time plastic bags and recycling services for Dell free environment, and delivery can be recycling of non-woven bags and other small gifts.

The public can be discarded home Dell branded desktops, notebooks, printers, monitors, computer parts and other computer peripheral products on May 31 and June 1 sent to the event, Dell will be free of these waste products recycling, using environmentally centrally, and in the afternoon of June 1 of the people involved in computer recycling to conduct lottery activities to encourage people to make a contribution to environmental protection. For more information you can contact the hotline at 800-858-2571. Or click on the link China, Hong Kong joined the Dell green action against Dell branded products have been eliminated for individuals to provide free recycling services to door.

During the event, Dell will be organized about 200 volunteers to support the above activities, with the field will be set up display boards to promote this year's Environment Day "Green Olympics and Environment-friendly society" theme, with the public interactive quiz games, practicing all-round support for environmental protection.

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SoftBrands, because focusing so professional

SoftBrands, because focusing so professional

- Interview with SoftBrands hotels Harbans Singh, president of the Asia-Pacific

Respondents: SoftBrands President, Asia Pacific hotel industry Harbans Singh.

Interviewer: China Software Network reporter at Qiao Zhi

SoftBrands President, Asia Pacific hotel industry Harbans Singh.

Reporter: In your opinion, SoftBrands core competitiveness of the hotel industry, where?

Harbans Singh: in the hotel industry in the field of information technology development has become an inevitable trend. As the world's leading software provider SoftBrands know that competitive advantage comes from not only cost-effective features of existing products, but will depend on the ability to build faster than your opponents and to maintain their core competitiveness. SoftBrands integration of the international advanced management concepts and advantages of resources, not simply as a supplier but a value-added products for consumers, customers buy not only products but we Sibo advanced management concepts .

SoftBrands coping strategies with demand areas in the world has made remarkable achievements, not only exceeded last year's expected earnings targets, customer satisfaction also has been increasing steadily. Karyon services and sales channels as a whole De Mosaik customer relationship management solutions, successfully Tuichu, as well as the increased investment product Yanfa promote Le software sales to another record high, so Sibo Hotel Ye always Zhanzai the industry's most cutting-edge. SoftBrands its strategic positioning in the clear, based on the enabling environment for development of the industry followed by product innovation and optimize product mix and other aspects to build and enhance the core competitiveness of SoftBrands.

Reporter: Recently, SoftBrands has with CTS HK Metropark Hotels Management Co., Ltd. signed a global partnership agreement, you talk about the hotel group has its eyes on SoftBrands What are the advantages?

Harbans Singh: and "China Top Ten world-renowned hotel brands," winning CTS HK Metropark Hotels Management Co., Ltd. signed a long-term commercial cooperation agreement. The reason for the many world-renowned hotel group to provide a new generation of technology, not only to SoftBrands in the hotel industry in the field of industry experience accumulated over the years, but due to SoftBrands personnel, technical resources and standardize the process closely, including :

Globalization of services. Sibo hotel industry set up a complete enterprise software development, distribution and support of the institutional system. Its all over the world are located in all major trading regions in the Americas, Europe, South Africa, Asia Pacific and the Middle East. More than 100 countries worldwide, approximately 775 employees and more than 5,000 users.

Experience and innovation. Sibo the hotel industry has more than 25 years of industry experience providing advanced software technology, integrated solutions and services worth Xinlai of quality, customer partnerships to establish long-term of, for Quanqiujiudian Guan Lizhe growth in business.

Excellent technical support. Sibo hotel industry leading technology, and has extensive practical experience in senior technical consultant, to provide customers around the clock technical support 24x7x365.

Standardized business processes. Sibo hotel industry standardization and efficient management processes. Hotels can provide complete business solutions, through an integrated central database, hotel groups can be more effective centralized management of all hotels in the passenger's history of information, price strategy, and the number may Sellers. Thereby enhancing the hotel's operational efficiency, increase revenue before

Therefore, we based on the above advantages, The Ascott Group of Singapore, Singapore Fraser Pavilion Group, Harbour Plaza Hong Kong, Thailand and India, ITC Welcomgroup Central Hotel Group, Hotel Group, and a number of internationally renowned hotel management group maintained a long-term cooperation relations. In addition, selected SoftBrands systems of the U.S. hotel industry Best Western Hotel Group and the U.S. Air Force and Navy Club and so on.

Reporter: SoftBrands solutions to the current hotel management to provide what support?

Harbans Singh: We believe that to ensure the stable operation of customer's system clock is very important, is the focus of our services. SoftBrands innovative business solutions, "one-stop" hotel management system for independent hotels, hotel groups and management companies to provide flexible and efficient technology platform. Based on the characteristics of China that we do a lot of localization work, at present, in China, our solutions include:

Hotel management solutions for large-scale structure of the hotel industry, the new, integrated hotel management solutions.

Enterprise solutions for enterprise customers in corporate management and business operations to provide a variety of effective management tools, to book call center management, online reservations, strategic analysis and planning, data warehousing, multidimensional online analytical processing and other resource integration, and thus on the enterprise central integrated management.

Distribution solutions, to provide local and online distribution channels service, providing customers with a variety of resources online hotel reservations seamless real time connectivity, while helping customers manage the hotel uniform price, number and booking information can be Sellers.

In line with the hotel operators to further development needs, we also configured Mosaik CRM Solutions Customer Relationship Management systems and services Karyon sales channels. We hope that through our excellent solutions and high quality products can give information of Chinese enterprises help.

Reporter: China to face a lot of hotels, SoftBrands has how kind of strategy? In your opinion, SoftBrands market prospects in China's development, how?

Harbans Singh: China is the world's fastest growing countries, with the arrival of the Olympic Games, China must rapidly develop the hotel industry. Therefore, we are very optimistic about China's hotel industry. We will create a global customer-centric corporate culture, strategy and vision will be closely integrated, and constantly improve, balance our resources.

SoftBrands is committed for the hotel industry, offering integrated solutions and services the hotel industry, SoftBrands gradually grow and develop into China's largest hospitality industry solutions provider. Next, we will continue to do the localization work, and gradually increased investment, security and sustainability of development.

Reporter: As the hotel industry leader in the face of an increasingly competitive market environment, companies do in response?

Harbans Singh: As a global leader in the hotel industry software provider, to maintain software innovation and service quality is particularly important, our technical support team for the global technical support system services. Client Center via the Internet, as a global service. We provide online issue tracking and product knowledge base, developed through the latest online educational system, eliminating the customer before the exchange of expensive phone call charges, users can get online on our excellent team of online support.

In addition, we also improve the efficiency of the Asia-Pacific regional support organizations. Global Support Center (WWSC) officially opened the Asia Pacific region began to offer Epitome hotel management system calls to support. The transition in the Asia Pacific region to improve our efficiency of technical support, to the maximum extent to achieve a centralized and standardized, and ultimately higher customer satisfaction. We also organize talent continuous product improvement and development. We not only attach importance to product development, and software debugging and training of personnel is also at the same time, will improve the basic management and operation of software programs simultaneously.

Reporter: 2008 Olympic Games held in Beijing, which is not too deep to Sibo brought about good opportunities for the Chinese market, the company has done what measures to take advantage of this opportunity?

Harbans Singh: the Olympic Games for China, Beijing is to let the world know about events in China, is an unprecedented opportunity. China not only promote the prosperity and growth of inbound tourism, hotel development for China with prosperity and the promotion of role. To take this opportunity to SoftBrands as a technology leader in the hotel industry who, for the upcoming Olympic Games and the subsequent enormous opportunities, but also made a series of strategic plans and establishes long-term development goals, through continuous production lines, analysis of market needs, the hotel industry to further meet the changing business needs. With the recent 2008 China top ten brands in the awards event in the hotel industry Epitome hotel Sibo solution was named "Best Hotel Management System", to honor, we are very pleased indeed. Through the awards, more powerful witness to build our own brand and in the development of China's hotel industry market success. "We also China's hotel industry technology and the prosperity of the Chinese tourism market is full of confidence and expectations.

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AMD Intel on EU antitrust penalties comment

AMD CEO Dirk Meyer said: "Today's ruling is to establish a truly competitive market, an important step. AMD has always been innovation leaders. We look forward to rule the world from Intel Xiazou out to consumers to call the shots."

AMD Tom McCoy, vice president of legal affairs, said: "After a thorough investigation, the European Union reached a final conclusion - Intel violated the law, consumers are hurt. With this penalty, Intel's monopolistic pricing behavior will come to an end, the industry will benefit from European consumers can enjoy a better choice, value and innovation. "

AMD in particular the European Commission ruled that the three key points:

1, "If the PC's x86 processor manufacturers need all or most of them are purchased from Intel, Intel will provide them with all or part of a secret discounts."

2, "from October 2002 to December 2007, Intel to (Germany), Media Saturn Holding large retailers to pay the compensation, and allowed to expand operations in all countries only sell Intel-based PC."

3, "(Intel) direct interference in the relationship between PC manufacturers and AMD. If the PC makers to postpone or cancel the release of products based on AMD processors, Intel will be paid to them, and nothing to do with whether to buy Intel products."

AMD said, Intel has so far failed to allow any anti-monopoly law enforcement agencies believe that their business practices are legitimate, interests of consumers.

In 2008, the Korea Fair Trade Commission (KFTC) decided to Intel fined 26 billion won (equivalent to 25.4 million U.S. dollars at that time), and pointed out that Intel abused its market dominance, including millions of dollars and buying customers forced to use only Intel processors Unpublish AMD products and / or developing any new products using AMD chips. KFTC also found that: "Because of local PC makers have to buy more expensive Intel processors only for the purchase of South Korean consumers to pay higher prices for PC." KTFC also called Intel and AMD do not stop the business from the PC manufacturers to pay remuneration. Intel is on this appeal.

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The latest satellite positioning chips used indoors less than one second positioning

According to foreign media reports, a newly developed portable equipment for satellite positioning chips can be collected at the same time the United States and the European Galileo navigation satellite GPS information, in less than a second time to complete accurately.

This new product called U-Blox 5, the same name from the Swiss company. The company will next month at the 3GSM Conference in Barcelona, Spain published on the product. The biggest highlight of the orientation chip "foot boats", you can collect the U.S. GPS and Europe's Galileo satellite data.

It is reported that the sensitivity of this chip as-160dBM, means a portable device using this chip can achieve localization in indoor, in addition to use with many relatively poor environmental situations, such as supermarkets, railway stations and so on.

In addition to this positioning chip in addition, U-Blox company learned 3GSM conference will also demonstrate other products companies, including a GPS transceiver products can be temporarily stored a number of geographical data, so that users at all times at each location without the need for geographical coordinates of the network to download new data, save some trouble.

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Open DVD to Mobile

Open DVD to Mobile is an All-in-One solution to create Mobile Phone 3GP movies from DVDs, TV shows and downloaded videos. The software combines DVD to Mobile Converter and 3GP Video Converter in one package for discounted price. The software is easy to use. It features superb video audio quality and the fastest conversion techniques availabe on the market (Up to 3x faster).

Open DVD to Mobile easy converts all popular video formats such as AVI, DivX/Xvid, WMV, RM, MPG, MOV, MPEG (and many more) videos into Mobile Phone 3GP format. Watch movies on the road. Support all mobile phones with 3GP video capability. The software is very easy to use. It compresses a full lengh movie into small size which can be fitted in a 128MB memory card. Carry your movie theater on the go! Watch movies anywhere, anytime - a new life style.

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